River St & Western Ave bridge meeting - Feb 3

The MassDOT Highway Division is hosting a meeting about the reconstruction of the River Street and Western Avenue bridges.

We all know these bridges and the areas around them are overwhelmed with auto traffic and horrible for bicyclists and pedestrians. Hopefully the strong advocacy of our community and others can encourage the major re-design that is needed.

The meeting has been scheduled for February 3 at the Honan-Allston Library, 300 North Harvard Street from 6 PM to 8 PM. More info is at http://www.massdot.state.ma.us/highway/calendar/massdoteventdetail.aspx?id=138


  1. I was swiped by a car crossing the River Street bridge when I was pregnant. There's no walk sign, and no pause in traffic during which pedestrians and bikes can cross. I called the state and city and was told that that particular crossing was the responsibility of the MDC. I guess that information was incorrect. It's great that they're having a meeting about this bridge, and I'll be at it, but it would have been so easy to put in a pedestrian light when they tore the whole thing apart last year.

  2. boblothrope3:24 PM

    The DCR (the successor to the MDC) does own those bridges and intersections, but MassDOT is often involved in major reconstruction projects.

    Both ends of both bridges have pedestrian signals.