Urban Ecology City Roots meeting

Tuesday, June 19 from 7-8 pm

Brian J. Honan Apartment Unit N (Lower Level), 57 Everett St

Meet Your Neighbors, Learn About Urban Ecology,
and Enjoy Family Friendly Activities: 
  • Hands-on Science Demonstrations
  • Arts and Crafts Activities
 Learn the answer to these questions:
  • Where does the Allston Brighton stormwater go?
  • How does a green roof work?
  • What is a rain garden?
  • What is a pollinator?
  • What is an arthropod and what does it look like under a magnifying glass?
  • What green roof research is happening in my neighborhood?
  • . . .and more!
Light refreshments will be served!

For more information, please contact:
Michelle Martinat
Community Forester
Urban Ecology Institute

Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors!  

Harvard Science Complex to resume construction in 2014


  • Building and space programming: Initiated (to be completed by fall 2012)
  • Architectural design and Regulatory Review: Spring 2013
  • Early site work: Targeted for late 2013
  • Construction on the Health and Life Science Center in 2014

Upcoming zoning hearings


Raymond St, Gerrish St, Bigelow St, Comm Ave

Public art opportunity for Harvard in Barry's Corner

Harvard professor Preston Scott Cohen is the designer of "one of the best new works of architecture in New York... an angular glass canopy over an obscure but busy pedestrian street". This raises the interesting question about what type of art and architecture Harvard will bring to Allston with its pending Barry's Corner housing/retail development.

I've written before about MIT's Percent for Art program that designates as much as $250,000 for public art at every major MIT renovation or building project and how a similar approach would help Harvard to make good on its promise to transform Western Ave and Barry's Corner.

The Dean of  Harvard Business School said that he couldn't afford public art on Western Ave as part of Harvard's Innovation Lab. But somehow Goldman Sachs, whose New York headquarters are next door to Cohen's canopy, found the money and decided that trying to create a great public space was worth the expense.

As details emerge about Barry's Corner over the next few months, it will be interesting to see which route Harvard and its developer want to take.