Pedestrian Safety (or lack thereof)

A walk on the wild side - The Boston Globe
Allston certainly has its share of pedestrian dangers. Lincoln Street may be the worst.
  • A bicyclist was hit by a car and killed in June 2004
  • A car crashed through the brick wall on Lincoln Street near Everett Street in February 2005
  • Cars have gone off the road and badly damaged fences on both sides of Lincoln Street at the intersection with Mansfield Street

There are many cities doing a lot of innovative things to try to make their environments safter for pedestrians and bicyclists. Boston should be a leader in keeping its citizens safe like these cities are. Here is some of the information on Boston's website:

Pedestrian Safety Guidelines For Residential Streets - 2001
Boston’s Streets May Be Hazardous to Pedestrian Health

You can read more at:

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