Goodbye nachos, Hello thin salty pizza

A 300+ seat pizzeria? Is there that much additional demand for 'za in Allston?

It’s game over for Sports Depot -

Allston’s Sports Depot is in its final inning after 22 years.

The Cambridge Street sports bar and restaurant will close to make way for a Regina Pizza.

Boston Restaurant Associates, owner of the brick-oven pizza chain that started in the North End in 1926, will spend about $1.5 million to open a 300-plus-seat pizzeria in the former train depot in September.


  1. At least it isn't Cap'n Fishbones

  2. I had heard a rumor that this was going to be an extended branch of Davis Sq's Redbones BBQ. Imagine my dismay when I heard it was going to be a pizza joint. Sigh. I give it a year, tops....

  3. Can we really call Regina's a "pizza joint"? Clearly its high quality, the type of place where tourists flock to like Mike's Pastry, Union Oyster House, and Cheers because of years of notoriety. There aren't many good pizza places around Allston (Big Daddy is okay, Papa Ginos is reliable, most others are lousy), so I think this is a nice addition to the neighborhoood. It's at least a different genre from the every growing Asian restaurant scene.

    If I can now have Regina's and Kelly's in walking distance, I'm a happy camper. The Mom & Pop places weren't that exciting.

    I liked the Sports Depot, so I'll miss it. I liked the atmosphere, but readily admit I only went to watch games that weren't being broadcast on my cable (rare). The food was just okay, and the beers were expensive.