Dear BRA & Harvard - How about urban farms on vacant property in Allston?

Imagine mini-Allandale Farms across Dorchester and Mattapan - Universal Hub

The BRA and the Department of Neighborhood Development hold a meeting next week on a proposal to turn vacant lots owned by the city (in Dorchester) into urban farms to help increase the amount of "affordable, healthy food" available in the neighborhoods.


  1. Wasn't this idea bandied about two years ago? I seem to recall some talk here and in the Globe about a proposal for a Harvard-owned farm in Allston, but it never came to fruition (pun intended).

  2. Yes, people at Harvard has proposed this in the past and it was parodied by Alex Beam in the Boston Globe

  3. The abandoned/never occupied science lab building on Lincoln St. in Brighton has a fabulous growing space! Would just need some fresh topsoil and TLC. Encourage community gardening.
    It could look fabulous, improve morale and actually feed people.