Licensing Board erred on Stone Hearth license

Boston Questions Pizzeria License The Harvard Crimson

"Stone Hearth applied for a beer and wine license reserved for businesses in “urban renewal areas,” special zones that the Boston Redevelopment Authority designates in need of revitalization.

But according to a map on the BRA’s website, the restaurant’s new location on 182 Western Ave. is not included in the nearby urban renewal area encompassing a public housing complex [Charlesview] across the street."

By the way, I agree with Harvard's spokesperson that "Stone Hearth is the kind of vibrant, community facing locally-owned business that we’ve consistently heard the community wants." I also stand by my quote in the article that the Harvard-Allston relationship would benefit from more constructive collaboration and I am glad that Stone Hearth will be preparing to open their new restaurant in Allston.


  1. I'm happy for Stone Hearth and in all honesty cannot figure out how to start a new thread. What I want to know is why we're the only house on Alcott Street with Christmas lights? I know times are tough but LEDs use next to no power. Can't we afford to give people a reason to smile?

  2. Hi RL,

    The posts on this blog come only from me, but if you want to discuss Christmas Lights or other topics with neighbors you can send an email to


  3. RL, I can't speak for Alcott Street, but a certain house on Adamson recently received a visit from an electrician, and as soon as my cold abates enough for a trip to Home Depot we're taking your challenge. IT'S ON.