Kendall Sq plan - maybe not perfect but at least MIT is trying

So Paul McMorrow would like to see more integration of office, retail, and housing in MIT's plans to remake Kendall Square into a great place to work, live, and play with 100,000 square feet of new retail development, 1 million square feet of office and academic space, and 120,000 square feet of new residences.

At least MIT is trying, which is more than we can say about Harvard's lack of plans and non-existent vision for the Science Complex Foundation, the Charlesview site that will be abandoned in a few years, and much of the rest of its vast property holdings on Western Ave, North Harvard Street, Holton Street, and more.

Maybe Faust's Allston Work Team will amaze us with their upcoming report and match the initiative of their Cambridge neighbor, but does anyone really expect that?

A new face for Kendall Square - The Boston Globe


  1. Hey Harry! Sorry this is not a comment. I don't know how to email you from this blog.
    Anywho, we are reviving the Allston Really Really Free Market (ala the one that ABNA used to put on) at Ringer Park starting, well, tomorrow! Saturday the 28th from 11am to 5pm, and continuing every last Saturday of the month!
    Bring old clothes, books, toys, tools, household stuff etc (no furniture or large items, please) and then take some stuff that you need left by other folks!
    It will be grand.
    Yay, gift economy!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Glad to hear you will be doing that! You might send an email to to spread the word.