The Crimson notices Harvard's slowing Allston Farmers Market

Probably more a symptom of how little Harvard has happening in Barry's Corner more than a reflection on the farmers market itself. The opening this fall of Stone Hearth Pizza and the Swiss Bakers will bring a little more life to the area, but it really needs a lot more than that to become any kind of destination.

Allston Farmers' Market Struggles | News | The Harvard Crimson:

"Carrying plastic bags stuffed with produce, a shopper at the Harvard Allston Farmers’ Market reflected on the state of the University-created outdoor market: “They’re starting to lose people out there, aren’t they?”

Local farmers and community members have echoed this shopper’s off-hand remark.

They say that unlike the bustling Harvard Farmers’ Market outside the Science Center, the Allston market—envisioned as part of the University’s outreach into the Allston community—has had trouble attracting customers and vendors."

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  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I wish the Allston market could attract a cheese, meat, or dairy merchant. I already have a CSA and I like to pick fruit recreationally. I'd drop by more often if there was something I couldn't easily get from other sources in the course of my week.