Farm the Yard (or Allston)

Bill McKibben, a Harvard alum and founder of the climate change advocacy organization, revives the idea of having Harvard students do some agricultural labor.

Farm the Yard | Harvard Magazine Sep-Oct 2011: "If college is about supplying what’s missing, then it’s time to dig up a good chunk of the Yard and plant a garden."

While it is hard to envision more than a small "demonstration garden" in Harvard Yard, the Allston Farm is one of many interesting ideas for Harvard's underutilized land that is still waiting to come to life. Most of the field behind the Honan Library is now being put to good use as Library Park, but there is still a decent sized strip of field fenced off and unused along the park's north side. Or maybe it could go next to the Business School in a few years when Harvard tears down the old Charlesview.

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