New Balance's New Brighton plans

As I wrote 2 years ago about New Balance's potential expansion, the devil is in the details, and it will be a long time before the details of this plan are worked out. But the big ideas of offices, track and field, hockey, and hotel all sound pretty good. Especially if this spurs infrastructure improvements like a commuter rail stop (and it is hard to imagine a project of this magnitude without it) in the Everett Street / Market Street area it can be really great.

Boston Redevelopment Authority project website

New Balance's Letter of Intent to the BRA


  1. Bob Pessek4:48 PM

    Have they said anything about an access ramp to and from the Pike? As I recall, that was a condition when New Balance first trotted this out.

    Bob Pessek

    1. I haven't seen any transportation details beyond idle speculation that Pike access will need to be improved. If the best route today is to get off at the Allston tolls and take Cambridge Street to Union Square to North Beacon St, I can't imagine how that would be considered desirable.

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