Why not develop more Barry's Corner?

I mentioned below that Harvard proposes to develop only 2.5 acres of Barry's Corner's northwest corner. From my perspective, Barry's Corner and this area would benefit from as much new housing and retail as possible, so why think small?

The parcel bounded by Western Ave, Smith Field, North Harvard Street, and Harvard Athletics is 6.5 acres. Developing more land = more housing, more retail, more people enlivening the area, more jobs, and more general economic activity - all of which are good things.
Maybe there isn't enough demand for that much housing and retail, I don't know, but it would be hard to argue that the existing uses are the "best and highest uses" possible. Everyone likes Harvard's Ed Portal, and it could be relocated elsewhere in Allston either temporarily during construction or permanently, and alternative office space for the 10-person staff of the Silk Road Project could be found elsewhere. But if the demand exists, then I hope Barry's Corner can get the biggest boost of energy that it can.

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