How big is your shadow?

With so much talk at the recent Harvard meetings about the size of shadows that new construction in Barry's Corner might cast onto Smith Field, I thought it would be interesting to find some real-world examples in our neighborhood.

The office building at the corner of Cambridge St and Everett St seems to be about the same height as what Harvard tentatively proposed along the eastern border of Smith Field. At 9:45 this morning the shadow reached almost to the edge of the parking lot, which according to the ruler in Google Earth, would be approximately 55 feet. Later in the day and as summer approaches, the shadows would be shorter as the sun moves higher in the sky.

The yellow line in this image from Google Earth measures 55 feet. The taller buildings suggested in Harvard's diagram are farther from Smith Field, so while their shadows would be longer, some of those shadows would be cast onto the other buildings.


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    So are you saying shade is good or shade is bad. You are also comparing buildings that are built at different angles to the sun.

  2. I am not making an editorial comment on the goodness or badness of the shade.

    Regarding the angle of the buildings, I wasn't suggesting that this is 100% accurate - just an approximation to give some sense of what we are talking about. In reality might the shadow at this time of day be 60 or 70 feet? Sure. But probably not 100 or 200 feet.