Urban Ecology City Roots meeting

Tuesday, June 19 from 7-8 pm

Brian J. Honan Apartment Unit N (Lower Level), 57 Everett St

Meet Your Neighbors, Learn About Urban Ecology,
and Enjoy Family Friendly Activities: 
  • Hands-on Science Demonstrations
  • Arts and Crafts Activities
 Learn the answer to these questions:
  • Where does the Allston Brighton stormwater go?
  • How does a green roof work?
  • What is a rain garden?
  • What is a pollinator?
  • What is an arthropod and what does it look like under a magnifying glass?
  • What green roof research is happening in my neighborhood?
  • . . .and more!
Light refreshments will be served!

For more information, please contact:
Michelle Martinat
Community Forester
Urban Ecology Institute

Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors!  


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  2. Anything important about this meeting was the answer to "Where does the Allston Brighton stormwater go?" and i beilive it wasn't answered properly.