When would "regular" people get to use the new semi-private Daly Field?

Simmons College plan to build athletic fields in state-owned Brighton park sparks opposition - Massachusetts - The Boston Globe:

  • Simmons will have full use of the field from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. on weekdays from March to May and mid-August to November.
  • The Brighton High football team would have practices from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. weekdays and Friday nights from mid-August to November.
  • The bill also carves out time for the Allston-Brighton Little League on weekday evenings from May to July.
  • Saturdays would be time-reserved and shared by Simmons College, Allston-Brighton, and abutting communities.
  • Sundays would be reserved for Allston-Brighton and abutting communities.


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Every single day of the year from early a.m. until dark. Simmons is only going to be there from March to May and August to Nov (evenings.)
    Brighton High from 2:30 -5:30 August to Nov.
    Little Leauge is only from May to July. Besides, who the heck wants to go down there when the baby Pool is open and Smith's park is available and Mellone park.

    1. Anonymous12:10 AM

      this is a bigger issue than seem to understand

    2. Anonymous12:18 AM

      shouldn't the legislation come after the public participates
      you are the friends of daly field?
      why does the little league need another field
      why would the dcr want to give up more recreational space on the river

  2. Anonymous12:21 AM

    is this what to expect from our new state senator

  3. Good question! When would REGULAR people get to use Daly Field? Even the weekends are already reserved.

  4. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Do many people use this field now? NO! I rarely see it being used and believe that this project will benefit the Brighton Community. Lets think of BHS who has been without a football field for over 20 years.
    Lets think of the young people who will benefit from something that other communities might take for granted “an equal playing field” Brighton High School has gone without a football field for much to long and no other community would stand for this. DCR no longer has the money to maintain this field and this partnership will benefit everyone. As a longtime Brighton resident I support the renovation Daly Field which is currently a rundown field that is often unused.

  5. You are right that Daly Field is run down and it would be used more if it were in better condition. I think everyone agrees with that. But we should be realistic that this project will benefit a very small segment of the Brighton community. How many Brighton residents are on the Brighton High football team?
    Also, there are other ways that Brighton High might get better athletic facilities. Why have I have never heard Brighton High athletic facilities mentioned during meetings with Boston College, Harvard, New Balance, or other institutions who offer "community benefits" as part of the zoning approval for their new construction? Harvard certainly has acres of unused land that it won't use for many years. Maybe some of that land would be a better site for a football field than the banks of the Charles.

    1. Anonymous10:59 PM

      There are many Brighton residents on the football team and hopefully this field can motivate more Brighton students to participate in athletics. These students attend Brighton High School, Another Course to College, and the Mary Lions Pilot school which is also located in Brighton. Brighton also lacks a pop warner program due to the fact that the community lacks a football field. Maybe this will allow for someone to create such a program. This bill will only rehabilitate and exciting field and improve participation and usage.

      Brighton High has been trying to raise the funds to get the field operational for a few years now but after meeting with the dcr 3 years ago it had to find a partner that could put up the millions needed to make it all happen.