Learn Pottery for $187, $195, or $720

Waiting in the lobby of the Honan Library yesterday to meet a friend, I noticed the course catalogs for adult ed programs in Brookline and Newton.

I found these interesting because Harvard is moving its Ceramics program to 224 Western Ave (the former Verizon building, next door to the Dunkin Donuts) from its current location in the basement of a warehouse next to Smith Field.

Moving Harvard Ceramics closer to the Allston community seems like a great opportunity for it to become more a part of the Allston community while continuing and expanding its institutional programs.

In Brookline, you can take an 8-session course for $187
In Newton, you can take an 8-session course for $195
Want to take a 12-session course at the Harvard studio in Allston? $720


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  2. Harry, What's the deal with these comments?
    Anyhow, great observations, no way would I pay that much to play with clay (I was once an apprentice to a potter: free!)