How Harvard is reneging on its Rena Park promise

A concerned reader sent me an email this afternoon because he and his friends are confused by this excerpt from the "SLAM Brings Allston Debate into Harvard Yard" story in today's Harvard Crimson:
"Mattison said that Harvard had promised to place a three-acre park where Barry’s Corner meets the residential community, but that the University is now reneging on that promise."
Hopefully this makes it more clear... defines "renege" as "to go back on a promise or commitment".

Take a look at Rena Park near North Harvard Street in these Harvard plans from 2007 and 2008:

2008 Science Complex Cooperation Agreement (page 87)2007 Harvard Draft Master Plan (page 46)

"Adjacent to the Allston library on North Harvard Street will be the largest open space in Rena Park"

Here is Harvard's 2012 plan (which does not include the phrase "Rena Park")

2012 Harvard Draft Master Plan
Barry's Corner 10 year plan (page 36)Long-Term Open Space Plan (page B-7)

Notice how during the last 4 years Harvard lost the big piece of Rena Park near North Harvard Street, the Honan Library, and Mellone Park? There is a little tail of "Harvard Campus Landscape" extending to the east, but no "Public Open Space" where Harvard promised the largest open space in Rena Park.

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