Harvard-Allston Task Force Raises Concerns About Community Benefits Conversation

Gerald Autler, senior project manager at the Boston Redevelopment Authority, said on Monday that the task force would have a 60-day period to provide feedback on the master plan [that Harvard will file in July]. But task force member and Allston resident Bruce E. Houghton railed against Harvard and the BRA for expecting the task force to identify the benefits they want included in the plan in what he described as an unreasonably short period of time.
“What is expected of this community and what’s being placed on it...is inappropriate and impossible,” Houghton said. “What’s truly inappropriate is the fact that there’s an expectation on behalf of BRA that this community should put into place in four months a community benefit package that might last as long as 10 years.”


  1. shenanigans....let's close on some other stuff first. At a Feb task force Harvard presented 5 commitments they were going to make to the community so we could host its truck yard. The presentation is there, but the closing slide that itemized Harvard's commitments has been removed. Is anybody getting shuttle rides in this hot summer weather? What else is now missing?

  2. http://www.bostonredevelopmentauthority.org/pdf/PlanningPublications/Harvard%20Allston%20Harvard%2028%20Travis%20Street%20Presentation%202-6-13.pdf