New Harvard Hire

PATRICK BROPHY has been appointed associate director of community relations at Harvard University. Brophy was previously assistant director of the Boston’s Capital Construction Division/Property Management Department. A lifelong Boston resident, he spent more than a decade overseeing capital building construction projects for the City of Boston. Brophy graduated from Boston Latin Academy, received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from Northeastern University, and has participated in Harvard University’s Executive Education program at the Harvard Business School. He will report to Harvard’s Director of Intergovernmental Relations, Annie Tomasini.


  1. OK, maybe he can help educate Samuels that thier new property is in Allston. I just got a flyer inivitation to a Barry's Corner groundbreaking ceremony at the Ed Portal located in "Boston MA." What gives? Even our newest neighbor has no pride in an Allston address? I proabably would have gone, but now I feel like I'd be joining the Mayor, Samuels and Harvard to shovel away our Allston idenity

  2. Anonymous6:37 PM

    This is Boston's version of the K Street revolving door in which people who work for government become lobbyists. They use their relationships with government employees and insider knowledge to benefit their new employer or client and make a lot more money in the meantime. One of Mark Ciommo's aides works for Suffolk, Tom Keady brings the benefit of all of his gov't pals to BC, Northeastern hired a sitting City Councilor, etc. Who pays the price? Taxpayers who shell out more to cover city services for all the property that Harvard et al gobble up.

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    agree with anonymous above. love the reference to boston latin academy, doesn't that have some kind of expiration date?