Sixteen Lanes

Did you know that Soliders Field Rd used to end at the Arsenal Street Bridge. As these 1954 maps show, at that point Leo Birmingham Parkway took over and brought cars to the North Beacon St bridge and Nonantum Road.

Now of course we have 4 lanes of Soldiers Field Road running alongside 4 lanes of Birmingham Parkway running alongside 8 lanes of the Mass Pike. 16 lanes! That's a lot of road between Brighton and the river!

Check it out yourself at:


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I am not sure about 16 lanes. If you are starting at BB & N bridge, going from Allston to Western Avenue/Arsenal Street Bridge, you have two going and two coming. When you go under the bridge, it is still only two lanes to Nonantum Street. Then, I think Nonantum turns into one lane going each way. That would make it four (2 going each way on Soldier's Field Road).

  2. 16 = 4 lanes of Soldiers Field Rd + 4 lanes of Birmingham Pkwy + 8 lanes of the Mass Pike

  3. Anonymous2:51 PM

    In fact, if you drive it at peak times, it is very congested on Nonantum, Soldier's Field, and the Mass Pike. The only one not congested is Leo B. Parkway. Even North Beacon St. from Watertown to Brighton is congested. Especially when you go under the overpass, then up to Union Square.

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