Harvard Plans Allson T Stop

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: University Plans Allsont T Stop

A report from Monday's Harvard Task Force meeting:

"The University will push Boston to establish a new commuter rail station near the Allston campus, Harvard officials said on Monday.

The stop is an outgrowth of a long standing Boston plan for a public transportation �urban ring� that would enable people to get into the western area of the city without being forced to connect through the Downtown Crossing and Park Street stations. Harvard wants to expand the ring more deeply into Allston than originally envisioned in order to create a �life science necklace� that would link Boston University, MIT, and Harvard. "


  1. Charlie D.4:45 PM

    "The stop, tentatively named West Station, would be located near the turnpike ramps with the intention of reducing traffic by providing an incentive for people to abandon their cars before they enter the city."

    Allston could definitely benefit from a commuter rail stop, but I disagree with the above statement. The new stop should be for people coming via rail to Allston or for residents of Allston commuting outwards from (or in some cases into) the city. The turnpike exit is already very crowded at rush hour without adding additional commuter traffic for people trying to ditch their cars for the day. The commuter rail stops in Newton have little to no long-term parking near them, and I think that Allston's new stop should have the same.

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