Residents Harp on Local Issues - Harvard Task Force story in Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Residents Harp on Local Issues

Local residents asked the University to redirect its public discussions toward neighborhood concerns like traffic and community benefits at a well-attended meeting of the Harvard-Allston Task Force that provided more details about Harvard’s projects in Allston Wednesday night...

But the audience quickly drowned out Porter’s presentation on the intricacies of embryonic stem cells with questions about traffic, community benefits, and the empty commercial space in Harvard’s properties along Western Ave.

“I’m all in favor of the stem cell building, but you’ve really got to do a better job of giving us information,” said Task Force Chair Ray Mellone.

“You telling us this is not going to help anyone here, who wants to know what’s going to happen to their homes,” added Charlesview resident Gloria Pearlmutter.

At a smaller meeting after last night’s public session, task force member Paul Berkley asked the bi-weekly meetings be reorganized so that their contents would reflect the needs of the neighborhood.

“We need to start having input on the agenda and not just being an audience,” he said.

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