Charles' Dirty Water: Industrial engine turns into hot property - Business News: Charles� �Dirty Water�: Industrial engine turns into hot property: "On the Allston bank near Soldiers Field Road, an area once an open sewer for nearby stockyards, Harvard University is set to build a new campus with a life sciences and public health complex and student housing. And Boston University continues to construct its student residential village along the Charles.

Some of the old mill and factory buildings serve the region�s new economy, such as medical device maker Boston Scientific, with space along the Charles in Watertown. Biotech giant Genzyme built a factory along the river in Allston to produce enzymes.

�With the new life science complexes, housing, parks and walkways along the entire length of the river, the Charles is not only a more desirable amenity but more accessible,� says Larry Meehan, vice president with the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau."

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