Stolen car recovered in Allston-Brighton little league heist

WHDH-TV - Boston - Stolen car recovered in Allston-Brighton little league heist: "Allston-Brighton, Mass.--Police have recovered a car that was stolen from an Allston-Brighton little league coach last week.
After seeing a story that aired on 7-news, a viewer spotted the car and called police.
Coach Kimberly Sully had all of her baseball team's equipment in the car when it was stolen.
A Walpole family later donated equipment to replace what was lost."


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    The poor "victim" is a dead beat mother.
    Kimberly neglects ALL her parental responsibility to her second born son, both financial [court ordered] & emotionally,... She rarely even speaks to him...
    Shame on Kimberly Sully.... Shame & misfortune will continue to follow such a person.

  2. Anonymous6:41 AM

    See the truth of this sad story featuring a venerated Allston mother and coach in the personna of the young mother testisfying in this Judge Judy case...

    Young mother neglects children.

    Kim's true love (ex-con BF during her new marriage) has 3 children by three woman, he has never been married.

    This victim, Kim Sully, after tiring of Mr. Wonderful Holton, has now "hooked-up" with a new man. One that will pay her bar tab! Mother's greatest love is another ex-con has 28 criminal convictions not counting the 12 registry charges; and she defends him! That is, the boy friend is holy and the employed devoted care-giving father is "bad"

    A married woman that aborts a planned baby at 3+ months (healthy and viable) to ensure her BF will have her back, well...

    The adulterous Kim will cry on the witness stand when talking about talking about he killing her do, but she smiles when describing how her boyfriend Eddie beat her up during her marriage to an honest guy.

    Please read her public record criminal complaint of A&B with conviction of Eddie Careny in Allston and Brighton courts.

    in 2001 Kim Sully took 4 of 6 supervised court assigned visitation dates of 2 hours per month; and then disapeared for 14 months.

    Beyond that? Other hit and miss visits and child support. Kim has had no contact with her son in 2+ years.

    Never has taken her Christmas time or other holiday visits. In fact, in 2+ years shes; not soken or seen our son. My address is public record as is my phone number.

    All About Kimberly Sully