SAT scores for Mass. high schools - Boston Latin excels & a model for Harvard

2006 SAT scores for Mass. high schools chart -

The Boston Latin School results are amazing - out of 336 schools it ranks in the top 4 in all three categories (reading, writing, and math). This is one of the top overall ranks in the state - it is higher than Brookline, Needham, Newton, Weston, and many others. It is great to see Boston public school student doing well.

Amazingly, there is a school that ranks 1st in all all 3 categories - Massachusetts Academy for Math and Science. This school could be an example for Boston and Harvard as Harvard becomes and active part of the Allston community. The Academy is an 11th and 12th grade public high school for 100 academically accelerated youths. Seniors complete a year of college, taking the same classes as other students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a nationally ranked engineering school, thus making the Academy the only public school in Massachusetts whose students attend fulltime a university as seniors in high school. The Academy is a collaborative effort among the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the high schools of Massachusetts.

The Mass Academy is located in a tastefully renovated, turn of the century brick mill-building that is shared with several physicians' offices, the WPI Extension School, and biotech research firms. Across the street are the biotech/life sciences offices and labs of the Gateway Park initiative, and three blocks away is the main campus of WPI. Juniors spend the majority of their time at the Academy building; seniors spend theirs on the WPI campus. The faculty of the Academy is comprised of the master teachers and visiting scholars who teach the juniors and, by association, the professors and instructors of WPI who teach the seniors.

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