Everett St site prep today, planting this weekend - Please join us

On Saturday and Sunday, from 9am to noon, the Allston Brighton North Neighbors Forum project to rehabilitate this Everett St slope will become reality. We will be planting trees and other plants between Lincoln and Adamson Streets to begin the conversion of this neglected urban land into a safe and attractive part of our neighborhood. Everyone is welcome to be part of this project, and tools and refreshments will be provided.

Today on the site, some much needed preparatory work is being done, courtesy of Harvard University. The old juniper bushes had some serious root systems that needed to be removed before anything new could be planted. We are fortunate that Harvard has provided this heavy machinery and work crew to remove the roots and help create a fertile home for the new plants.


  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Harry - Great job in getting that mess cleaned up. It defintely needed it and I know the neighbors on Everett Street appreciate it. I remember walking home from schooland the shrubs were very well maintained. That was in the late 70's. Also, a thank you to Harvard for the use of there construction, or in this case, de-consstruction equipment. I was wondering if you could post what the landscape is going to look like when finished and who is going to maintain it? I know the neighbors would like to know. Harvard, you, your group, City of Boston?
    Again, good job Harry!!!!

  2. The plan is to plant a couple large red maple trees where the geometry of the site allows (the overhead utility wires are a constraint). Then there will be smaller trees (probably redbud, cherry, and serviceberry) and large bushes (such as dogwood, spiraea, butterfly bush). Our intent has been to chose attractive plants that will need little maintenance and will not be able to get as overgrown as the juniper bushes that used to be there.

    For this year we will focus on the southern part of the site near Lincoln Street. Hopefully we will be able to raise more money and work our way towards Aldie St next year.

    The ABNNF has agreed to water the trees and other new plants for the next couple years until they are well established. It would be great if neighbors and others in the community will pitch in to keep this area and other neglected public spaces in our neighborhood clean (Lincoln Street along the Mass Pike is one such place).

    We are meeting tonight at the site at 7 to finalize the planting plan. Anyone interested in learning more or sharing their ideas is welcome to join us.

  3. Anonymous11:41 PM

    It sounds like the trees are definitely going to look better then the bushes. They will be very beautiful in the fall with all the different colors. I went by there this evening and what a difference already. Good job!