Keeping our Promises

It has been interesting watching how the four candidates for Mayor have dealt with the issue of university expansion in Allston and Brighton.

Mayor Menino wrote this strong letter to Harvard President Faust but has since backed off from the specific dates and requirements that the letter required.

Sam Yoon and Kevin McCrea have each attended a Task Force meeting. Sam also denounced the BRA's process on RadioBoston and joined A/B district councilor Mark Ciommo in calling for a hearing on the BRA's review of the Boston College Master Plan.

But it may be Michael Flaherty who has taken the most visible and strident position of any of the four. His letter to the A/B TAB called for Harvard to stop purchasing property in Allston. And over the weekend his campaign went door-to-door distributing the first flyer (shown here) that I have seen for the upcoming election. You can also read the text of the flyer on the Flaherty website.

Whichever of the candidates you support, if you want a revitalized North Allston and North Brighton with fewer vacant buildings and a better quality of life, it can only be good to see our situation becoming a campaign issue what will be the most vigorous campaign that Boston has seen in a long time.

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