Globe editorial on bike/ped paths

The Globe laments that there aren't more bike paths being built in the state, but while bike paths are fine, and many people prefer to ride on them, but I doubt we will ever have a comprehensive network of them in Greater Boston.

How about just cleaning and paving the roads we already have? In Boston, Cambridge, Belmont, Arlington, and many other towns where I often ride, the potholes, patches on top of patches, and sand and other debris along the edge of the road make riding a bike much less safe and pleasant than it could be. Maintenance isn't as glamorous as a new bike lane, but it would be a lot simpler and would make a huge difference.

The path less traveled - The Boston Globe

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  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    I'm totally with you here. North Harvard St is a treacherous mess, and I despair of ever seeing a bike path there.