More A/B North infill development

This 7,767 sq ft lot at 90 Litchfield Street is no longer the open yard it once was. The property was only assessed for $185,000, but it sold in December for $600,000 to Larosa Development, who has been described as "a developer known for flouting construction rules and regulations."

I've written in the past about the City vastly under-appraising empty lots in our neighborhood, and it is a shame that as we are facing teacher layoffs and all sorts of other problems because of the city's budget problems the City continues to forfeit real estate tax revenue because it doesn't accurately assess property.

As the last few open lots of greenspace in our neighborhood disappear, I wonder how and where the City is going to fulfil its promise from the North Allston Strategic Framework to "expand the limited number of neighborhood parks by creating new parks."

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