Concentrating families in poverty is very destructive

A week from Monday, The Community Builders, the developers hired for the Charlesview relocation project, will present to the Allston/Brighton community about that project. The community's primary objective has been that the new development should be a mixed-income neighborhood instead of a low-income housing project.

Along those same lines, this story in today's Times looks at the changes in Atlanta as segregated housing projects are being replaced by mixed-income housing.
“We’ve realized that concentrating families in poverty is very destructive,” said RenĂ©e L. Glover, the executive director of the Atlanta Housing Authority. “It’s destructive to the families, the neighborhoods and the city... For us to think that a program that was conceptualized 70 years ago is still the right answer, it makes no sense,” she said. “Today is a whole new era.”

On the 6 acres where last year The Community Builders wanted to build 290 low-income apartments there is not enough space to create a mixed-income neighborhood. So many will be hoping to hear a different tune next week after last week's meeting when Harvard seemed unwilling to provide the land needed to build this new community the right way.

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