Harvard curator: Allston not in my professional lifetime

I don't think anyone knows with certainty how and when Harvard will move forward in Allston, but here's one opinion from someone with enough knowledge to make a career decision based on it. Based on her estimate and that, at 43 years old, she probably has 20+ years left in her professional lifetime, it could be 2030 before Allston sees any Harvard art.

Allston Delay Prompts Museum Curator To Leave Harvard The Harvard Crimson
With the plans for Harvard’s new contemporary art museum in Allston currently up in the air, Harvard Art Museum’s curator of contemporary art Helen Molesworth will leave Harvard to become the chief curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, ICA officials announced earlier this month.

“It’s become clear that the University has a very, very long-term plan for Allston. It won’t happen in my professional lifetime,” she said.

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