Faust Seeks Allston Trust

It is great to read in today's Crimson that Harvard President Faust wants to "work for a common solution because we all share a desire to have [Allston] be the most wonderful community and the best set of neighbor relations and the best context for all of us to live together."

I do wonder how she expects this to happen. It was nice that she and other Harvard leaders had breakfast with those of us on the BRA's Task Force. That was more than a month ago, and I wonder what Harvard thinks the next step is on the road to "the best set of neighbor relations". Seems like a good opportunity to repeat this great quote that I posted recently on the subject of trust:
"I’d say that trust is about reciprocity. About establishing a pattern of communication and then cooperative volleys that get coated by emotional and moral commitment."


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I love that she met with "those of use" on the BRA's Task Force... good thing she didn't try to meet with those of use at the BRA (would have been a very small meeting, haha). The blog is fantastic, please keep up the great work.

  2. Anon,

    I had to read your comment a few times to figure it out. Then I realized that I typed an extra "e" into my post this morning. Typo fixed.


  3. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Thanks Harry. I wasn't trying to be critical, I just found that little typo to be funny. I meant what I said about the blog being fantastic. It really is the best resource for neighborhood information.

  4. When a typo is that good, it gets promoted to 'Freudian slip.'