New owners propose projects at St E's

A new Cancer Center and a new Ear-Nose-Throat Center lead the list of new projects planned for St E's by new owners Cerberus Capital Management.

Planned improvements at Caritas hospitals -


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    This is unrelated to your post Harry but I was wondering, what is your take on Harvard College and Allston applicants, or even Brighton applicants? Do you have any knowledge about this? What weight does being an Allston resident have in admissions?

  2. Brent1:00 PM

    My understanding is that Harvard admissions gives no weight at all to Allston or Brighton residency as such, but has always tried to admit some number of local kids from Cambridge and Boston, usually drawing on Rindge (Camb.) and Latin (Boston) in doing so. There is scholarship money set aside for an Allston Brighton kid who is accepted (and lots of aid available for middle income families in general), but no admissions slot or advantage as such.

  3. If you want to know how Cerberus works, come over and drive around in my Chrysler for a few minutes before you go to St. E's.