Harvard's indirect Allston approach

Harvard made yesterday what seems to be a major administrative change that will influence the future of Allston and Brighton where a few thousand people live alongside Harvard's many acres.

Allston learns about this presidential appointment because I got a Google Alert about a blog post from Tennessee that publishes an internal email from a Harvard Dean. I wonder if anyone at Harvard thought an email to residents of Allston and Brighton might be appropriate.

Considering that no such neighborly notice was sent, either it never crossed Harvard's collective minds to proactively and publicly share this news, or it was considered and decided not to be done. Either way, seems a shame.

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  1. I thought it curious that David Ellwood's letter stated "I am confident that his new appointment will benefit the University tremendously", while not making any mention of benefit to the community itself. This may just be due to the target audience, but I'd like to think the new appointment would benefit more than just the University.