Mahoney's - bigger and better

Great to see Mahoney's on Western Ave doing business on its expanded site. More room for more plants and more customers.


  1. ed brown6:47 PM

    Reminder for all to attend next Monday's meeting @ Jackson Mann to voice opposition to the proposed Lowes that is not going away. Can't see how these smaller local companies can compete with another big box.

  2. People who shop at Mahoney's do not shop at the big box stores. The quality is much better at Mahoney's.
    The Model Hardware has a niche group.
    Neither store will lose if Lowe's comes in.

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    To say people who shop at places like Mahoney's or The Model Hardware do not shop at big box stores is a wrong assumption to say the least. As a matter of fact the current consumer trend is more bargain hunting driven than brand name or niche preference.

    History has shown when the "Big Box" stores come into a community (i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc) the "Mom and Pop" stores eventually close due to not being able to compete with the big box prices.

    With that said I am not against big box stores but only favor them if there is a substantial benefit to the local area.

  4. Maybe I said it wrong. The people who shop at Mahoney's do so because they want quality. You do not get that at the big box stores. Plants have to be grown at the same temperature that they are going to be replanted. you do not get that at the big box stores.
    Model has a batter brand of paint. that is one of their features. I could go on but you should go see how Model operates. Home Depot is not that far away and Model still exists.
    Would more jobs be a substantial benefit? I know you may say that they are low paying jobs. But Brighton and Allston have a lot of people who are only qualified for those kind of jobs.

  5. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Whether Mahoney's or a big box store like Home Depot has better quality is a matter of opinion. Personally I have shopped at both stores and I feel that I can get a far better bargain for the same quality items (including gardening and Hardware) at Home Depot. Again it is only a matter of opinion.

    As far as the point you try to make with job opportunities is concerned, there is no guarantee that the jobs at Lowes would be filled by Allston or Brighton residents.

  6. Alex, It is not a matter of opinion. It is a fact that the plants at Mahoney,s are better. Ask people who know.
    You are right that there is no guarantee that jobs would go to people from the area.
    How come you did not argue the fact that Model or Mahoney"s would not close?

  7. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Sorry JohnT but I am not Alex.

    I'm not going to argue if Model Hardware or Mahoney's would close because that is another specific argument.

    If you agree that jobs would not be guaranteed to poeple in the area then why did you bring it up?

  8. Alex, I original said that jobs for the neighbors would be available. I did not say they would be guaranteed. I am agreeing that they would not be guaranteed which you brought up.
    Didn't you say that history shows that mom and pop stores eventually close due to big box stores?
    Why is that another specific argument?
    Did you check to see if the quality of plants are better at Mahoney'S?