Apartements proposed for Market/N Beacon

It will be interesting to see the design for this project. The squat, ugly building on the corner of Market & N. Beacon, surrounded with asphalt parking along the sidewalk, unfortunately limits the potential for this intersection. In any case, some nicely done housing and retail would be a big change from the Grossman's.
But as I've said before, it is hard to evaluate these ad hoc proposals, especially with other parcels nearby (like the gas station and UHaul across the street) that also seem like likely site for development in the near future. Contemplating the uses, design, and goals for this area would be a lot easier to do in a proactive and holistic manner instead of one development at a time.

Mixed-use project proposed for Brighton - Boston Business Journal
Brighton-based Hera Development has submitted plans to the BRA to replace the Grossman’s Bargain Outlet and Vocational Action Center with 20,400 square feet of commercial space; 122 apartments comprising 148,000 square feet; a 4,700-square-foot day care center; and 219 “below-level” parking spaces.
Recent local projects by Hera include:

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