CSX Leaving Allston Next Year

Removing the easements will make it possible for Harvard to build new buildings on the CSX property, but until the Science Complex is completed it is hard to imagine Harvard starting construction of something else.

Much is riding on Worcester rail deal - The Boston Globe

A long-awaited, $100 million deal between the state and railroad giant CSX will move operations from the company’s sprawling rail yard in Allston to Central and Western Massachusetts and add at least seven train trips to the Worcester-Framingham commuter rail line in 2012.

CSX spokesman Robert Sullivan said Allston train operations would be shifted west by 2012. That clears the way for Harvard University to finally assume control of the site. Since 2001, the university has purchased around 140 acres in the area, said spokeswoman Lauren Marshall. After CSX leaves, the university will probably seek to remove easement restrictions, making construction of new university buildings possible.


  1. It does open up the commuter rail stop, though!

  2. I read this article over several times and still don't understand it.