Historic Boston gets Speedway grant

The Speedway building along Western Ave does look better since its recent re-shingling but it is still not adding anything to the vitality of the neighborhood. Hopefully this grant and the planning that will follow will help it become something better.

Inside Historic Boston Inc.: State Awards HBI Grants to Study Roxbury and Allston Sites for Preservation and Re-Use:
"The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has awarded HBI a grant of $20,000 to complete redevelopment feasibility studies of two underutilized DCR historic buildings in its Boston.

The Charles River Speedway, located along the Charles River in North Allston, and the Owen Nawn Factory in Roxbury’s Dudley Square will be the subjects of preservation and financial analyses that will help determine each site’s potential for re-use.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    How exciting! I have gone by that building for years and always wondered how long it would sit there looking dilapidated. I hope it can be turned into a community asset.

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Yeah it's a cool building and seeing historic preservation put to practical use is always a good thing. Hopefully it will be a successful project.

  3. Carol Dunn7:00 PM

    I just passed by this wonderfully historic building this week and they have done a fabulous job on the claboard siding. I am looking forward to the building housing the current Joseph Smith Community Health Center. It has overgrown its' current location and one of the finest facilities I have ever had the privilege of receiving services from.