Rep. Moran cancels D.C. fund-raiser

Moran cancels first D.C. fund-raiser as questions raised about conflict - The Boston Globe
"State Representative Michael J. Moran, the House leader in redrawing the state’s new congressional districts, has abruptly canceled a Washington fund-raiser as critics called it a blatant conflict of interest."
After Team 5 Inquiry, Fundraiser Canceled - Redistricting Chairman Had Planned Washington Event
State Rep. Michael Moran, D-Boston, chairman of the Massachusetts House Redistricting Committee, canceled a Washington fundraiser just an hour after Team 5 Investigates raised questions about it.

Moran, who has never held a Washington fundraiser, had planned to hold the event the night before he meets privately with seven congressman hoping to remain in office after redistricting eliminates one seat.

"Some friends suggested I have a fundraiser while I was down there, so I decided, 'why not'?" Moran initially told Team 5 Investigates.

While Moran had said he would not be accepting checks from either Capuano or any other congressman, he had not precluded accepting checks ranging from $250 to $500 from their supporters.


  1. There are a lot of unanswered questions.
    Who are Moran's friends who told him to have a Washington fund raiser?
    Why Washington?
    Would Moran have canceled the fund raiser if he was not exposed?
    If "nothing inappropriate was done" , why cancel?

  2. I have 2 more questions.
    Who paid for Moran's trip and will he answer these questions in our local TAB?

  3. i also want to know "Who paid for Moran's trip"
    nice post!