Faust, Berkeley, Whelan, and Mattison on Harvard/Allston


"However, some residents – albeit thankful for the school’s positive steps forward – say until Harvard resumes work on its bigger promises for developing that area – most notably a $1.4-billion science center complex stalled since late 2009 – the university will not have the complete trust and backing of the Allston community.

“There’s a great deal of anxiety in the community on this [science center] site, and until that gets resolved that anxiety won’t go away,” said Paul Berkeley, a member of the Harvard Allston Task Force, a city-appointed group created to provide civic feedback to the school as its Allston campus expands."


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    President Faust stated that Harvard has rented “all but one of the available, marketable vacancies in our retail properties,”. How much more space is still sitting vacant and is debatably marketable (like that big office building on Western Ave.) There are still a lot of vacant buildings.

  2. What about the available UNmarketable vacancies, like the unfinished glass monstrosity on Lincoln?