Former New Balance CEO now owns site of proposed Lowe's

The New Balance plans for "a sports complex, hotel, park, movie theater, office buildings, and community space, along with a commuter rail station and access to the turnpike" always sounded better to me than a low-density, low-job creating Lowe's that would have duplicated the products available at the Watertown Home Depot and many smaller nearby retailers.

The New Balance idea of creating new on- and off-ramps to the Mass Pike though seemed strange to me, and of course the devil is in the details. For example, the New Balance and WGBH buildings could have done much more to animate the Market St / North Beacon St area and for some reason they haven't spurred much new development to enrich the area around them.

But it will be great to see eventually see that Guest Street land transformed and hopefully it starts a trend that Harvard and other property owners in the area might follow.

Group led by New Balance chair buys, intends to develop 15-acre Brighton plot -

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  1. According to a spokesperson, They do not intend to build a T station. That was Moran talking.