Allston reaction to Harvard's new "plan"

"Plan" is in quotes because Harvard doesn't really have what I would call a plan, more like some ideas for some projects that maybe someday might move forward if Harvard can raise the money or find development partners with money to spend.

The stories:

Allston skeptical of Harvard’s new vision - Boston Globe
“Why should we as a community support five to six developments when Harvard can’t follow through on one — the science center?’’ said Cathi Campbell, 43, who lives in Allston. “Do you actually care about the community? Because it certainly doesn’t feel that way.’’
Allston crimson over Harvard plan - Boston Herald
Three Harvard professors who authored a new set of recommendations for the project were peppered with questions they couldn’t answer about when development — or even the fund raising needed for the project — would begin.

When Alex Kreiger, a professor of urban design and co-author of the report, referred to the stalled construction of the life sciences center on Western Avenue, the audience broke into laughter.

“It’s a hole,” another attendee joked.

“Well, it has a roof on it,” Kreiger said.


  1. A septic tank is also a hole with a roof on it.

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    And there are lots of rats around septic tanks.