Summary of Harvard's proposed land uses

Science Complex:
  • "Redesigned to maximize available science square footage" - This could mean reductions in the retail, daycare, restaurant, and courtyard and make the building even less public than previously planned.
  • "The underground 5-acre foundation previously envisioned in part for parking, would be perfect for imaging" - Where will the 500 cars park if not in this underground garage?
  • "The University’s upcoming capital campaign presents a unique opportunity to facilitate and support development of this site." - Harvard hasn't officially started the capital campaign yet and also needs to raise $1B for undergraduate housing renovations in Cambridge, so it could be years before it has the money to resume construction at the Science Complex site.
Barry's Corner:
  • A residential rental community complemented by amenities such as retail shops and childcare services
  • New housing is proposed for the area in the north‐western quadrant of Barry’s Corner where there currently is a parking lot, the Ed Portal, and the one-story building that houses the Ceramics Studio and other activities
Current Charlesview Site
  • "The Work Team recommends that the University advance academic planning to explore potential institutional uses"
  • Sounds pretty vague for a site that will become a major eyesore in a few years after the current apartments are demolished.
Enterprise Research Campus:
  • 36 acres with 1.5-2.5 million sq feet of new development
  • Would be developed by private developers (to be determined) with long-term leases from Harvard
  • Located between Cambridge Street and Western Ave at the empty site of the Sears foundation and Romar trucking facility.
Hotel & Conference Center
  • 30,000-square-foot conference center & 180-bed hotel
  • Between the Research Campus and Genzyme
All the rest of Harvard's property in North Allston and North Brighton:
  • Who knows? It doesn't even merit a mention in the report

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