Harvard faculty feeling like Allston residents

There is plenty of decisions about Harvard's Allston expansion that should be driven by purely internal Harvard decision-making. I think there are also plenty of issues relating to the public realm along Western Av & North Harvard St and the too many blighted Harvard properties all over our neighborhood where some the community should have a role in the decision-making process. 

You can replace "faculty" with "Allston community" in this article and it all sounds pretty familiar

After New Email Search Revelations, Faculty Question Balance of Power | The Harvard Crimson:
"...faculty have not been consulted on a range of important decisions over the last year pertaining to the Government 1310 cheating case, the relocation of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to Allston" 
"history professor Lisa M. McGirr said that the monthly meetings have become something of a “spectator sport” in which faculty watch as administrators break news about their decisions." 
"Asani agreed, saying he believes the Faculty Council—and Faculty meetings more broadly—are too closely controlled by administrators for professors to have a free and full discussion."


  1. Investments and benefits paid into Allston also need to consider the attraction and retention of faculty and staff. Who would want to move to Allston from Cambridge? Who wants to work along side vacant lots and truck yards? It's a dump comparatively. If you want Allston to compete with Cambridge, make Allston Harvard's front door to the science and business world and not a back alley of Cambridge.

  2. Anonymous11:43 AM

    that department is wondering why it is out of favor and why it is being sent to Siberia !:)