Instead of Central America, What about Allston?

A Harvard professor came to Allston to talk about the importance of the arts in Bogota, Colombia during the 1990's. Meanwhile, Harvard has shelved the plans it had a few years ago for Western Ave and other parts of North Allston to become an arts mecca. Questions about the role of public art in Harvard's $150 million, 325 unit apartment building that will start construction later this year get nothing better than weak responses like:
The proponent will work with Harvard, the City and the community to explore how public art can be incorporated into the project.
So kudos to Mr. Stenson for suggesting that Harvard think locally about the importance of the arts.

Sommer Highlights Cultural Agency at Allston Ed Portal | News | The Harvard Crimson:
"John J. Stenson Jr. of Brighton asked the first question after [Harvard Romance Languages and Literatures Professor Doris] Sommer wrapped up her lecture, demanding to see funding from the University to promote theater in Allston. 
“Never mind about Bogotá. What about right here?” Stenson said. “Put a play on here. That’s your challenge.”"


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Drive by new Charlesview all the time. Some of the stores look as though businesses have started floor plans with interior walls, etc.. Do you have any idea of what has been leased to those retail spots. Also, do you know when they are set to have a ribbon cutting or something similar. How about a walk thru of the apartments/townhouses for all of those that sat thru all the charettes.

  2. Good questions. You could try asking at

  3. Anonymous12:22 PM

    The country is spelled "Colombia"

  4. Fixed. Sorry about that.