Allston rail yard is ripe for growth - The Boston Globe

Great story in today's Globe by Paul McMorrow about the potential of the now-empty rail yard.
Allston rail yard is ripe for growth - Opinion - The Boston Globe:
"BEACON PARK Yard is as forlorn a place as there is in Boston today. The old Allston rail yard — sandwiched between the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Charles River, and Boston University — used to be a major freight hub for CSX. That was before the shipping giant pulled up stakes last year and traded Allston for a new freight terminal in Worcester. Now the Harvard-owned yard sits in silence, a maze of rusting railroad sidings sprawling over 140 acres of concrete, covered in a tangle of Turnpike lanes, ramps, and tollbooths. It’s a desolate place. But it also could become the site of Boston’s next great building boom."

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