Someone Thought Allston Would Make a Great Home for the Olympics

Boston Olympics 2024: Google Maps Layout of Olympic Venues in Allston | BostInno:

It's on the Charles River. It's flanked by Cambridge Street, Soldiers Field Road, and Interstate 90. It's where traffic (everything really) comes to a complete standstill. It's the home of the 2024 Boston Olympics: Allston, Massachusetts.


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    That would be a fitting slogan for allston,
    allston where everything comes to a standstill
    the still point of the turning world, or how about where the momentum exists only for harvard and absentee landlords !The olympics would fit right ibecause it would also overrun the neighborhood, take up huge
    swaths of
    land for parking and bring in People who would only
    visit but not find it suitable for long term investment

  2. It would be doable... they could build OVER THE MASS PIKE and redesign Harvard Stadium area, Renovating Harvard Stadium as well - and create a greenway---linking BU and Harvard... - You could have the Olympic park and Athletes village here. - and retail complex - and build a landfill island....Olympic stadium that looks like a seashell - in the Charles River Basin - with aerial walkways connecting the Mass Ave Bridge and the riverbanks.

  3. They could have a new Swiming/Diving/Water polo center and Tennis Complex @ Harvard fields. - as well maybe handball and a Indoor Volleyball venue as well. or beach volleyball venue as well.