Charlesview story in Harvard Crimson

The Harvard Crimson :: Opinion :: Who's Got the 'View?
"If our Allston neighbors want to stay, let them" says the writer of this opinion piece


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Hey Harry,

    If you were to combine Harvard and Allston's best interests (especially those at the Charlesview), how would you deal with this circumstance?

    I need to look at the plans more closely, but it seems to me that they could rebuild Charlesview in stages, allowing the current residents to stay there at their current rental rates, filling holes with graduate students. Eventually it would become fully graduate student occupied, which, I think, is the way the tide is moving on this anyway.

  2. I think Harvard wants to demolish the existing Charlesview building and use that land differently instead of renovating the existing building into grad student housing. The Charlesview buildings are set back from both Western Ave and North Harvard St and the Harvard planners have said that to make Barry's Corner (the intersection of N. Harvard & Western) more vibrant the buildings should be closer to those major streets to enliven the pedestrian experience. Some of their proposals also show graduate schools on that parcel.