Mass Pike's $200,000 wall - what next?

The Turnpike Authority has told us many times that we need a strong wall between Lincoln Street and the Pike. In the March 13 Boston Globe we were told:
"It is part of the important safety improvements we're making on the Boston Extension, where we're introducing breakdown lanes to areas of the westbound side of the roadway that has never had them before," Turnpike Spokesman Doug Hanchett added. Without the screening fence heavy snow and ice from Turnpike plows would be thrown onto the sidewalk on Lincoln Street. The screening fence, which needs to be sufficiently sturdy to handle the force and weight of the snow, will prevent that from happening.
Obviously what is now between Lincoln Street and the Pike is inadequate. We should not accept a patch job of 2x4s and nails on this inadequate fence. This fence needs to be taken down and immediately replaced with a properly engineered wall made of brick, concrete, or other durable materials and designed in collaboration with the community.
Please let your State Rep and Turnpike Chairman Matt Amorello know that this is what should be done. The more people they hear from the more likely we are to have this corrected.
State Rep Kevin Honan 617-722-2470
State Rep Mike Moran 617-722-2460
Turnpike Chairman Matt Amorello 617-248-2800

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