What do we need between Lincoln St & the Pike to be safe?

The stories below raise an interesting question about the safety of Lincoln Street. The Turnpike built the wood fence to protect Lincoln Street from plowed snow. But what will happen if an 18-wheel tractor-trailer going westbound on the Pike has a serious accident? Will the guard rail between the new breakdown lane and Lincoln St. stop the truck? I'm not an expert, but I don't want to trust my life to the guardrail keeping the truck on the turnpike.

Sturbridge, MA: A head-on crash began when a tractor-trailer crashed through the center guardrail on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Texas: Car & truck crash from bridge, through a guardrail, and tumble down an embankment.

California: Tow truck flipped over a guardrail and plunged 30 feet

Illinois: A semi hauling two trailers crashed into a tollway maintenance vehicle. The truck then ran through a guardrail, rolled over, and caught fire.

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