Allston & Brighton Need More Voters!

Did you know that Allston and Brighton come in LAST in voter participation in Boston?

Only 46% of our residents are registered to vote. This is the lowest % in Boston. The citywide average is 60% and some communities have more than 70% registration.

Only 24% of our registered voters actually voted in last November's election. This is also the lowest % in Boston. The citwide average was 36% and some communities were as high as 48%.

So only 11% (7,139 out of 65,561) of the residents of Allston and Brighton voted last fall. In places like South Boston and West Roxbury more than 30% of residents voted. How much better would our community be if our turnout matched the city average of 21%?

How to register to vote in Boston

Map of Boston showing wards and city council districts
Mass Vote election information

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